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New Assistive Technology Service Launched By Hearo

Hearo AT now available in Missouri

Starting at $80/month

Hearo AT

We at Hearo are proud to announce the availability of our new service designed specifically to meet a wider range of Assistive Tech needs. Remote Supports is wonderful, though sometimes an individual can benefit greatly from merely a few sensors and other smart home devices. This is where Hearo AT shines. Backed by the power of Hearo RS; designed with flexibility in mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Hearo AT (Assistive Technology) differ from the Hearo RS (Remote Supports)?

    To put it simply, Hearo RS is designed for comprehensive Remote Support services often facilitated by provider agencies. Hearo AT is designed for a more direct utilization model for individuals and their families and loved ones. Hearo AT has most of the capabilites of our full Remote RS platform but has the flexibility to be used in small to complex scenarios and without active remote monitoring services.

  • Should we use/recommend Hearo AT or Hearo RS?

    Hearo RS should be used if remote support services are desired. Hearo RS services are monitored and proactively supported 24/7 and will receive priority support, includes more standard devices, and is setup for mass location monitoring. Hearo AT is great assistive technology needs and other smart home innovations through the Hearo platform without the addition of monitoring services.

  • Is Hearo AT waiver supported?

    Yes! In the state of Missouri Hearo is supported under billing code A9999 UC (for monthly service) and A9999 UB (1-time equipment and setup fee).

  • Are there any fees other than the $80/monthly cost?

    Yes. The initial setup and equipment cost is $450. This is applied to the first month of service and includes all of the core Hearo equipment as well a choice of 2 standard sensors. Each additional piece of hardware selected will be sold at cost and added to the equipment charge on the first month's service bill. If video cameras/doorbells are selected and approved for use, a Wi-Fi connection will need to be available for Hearo to connect to.

  • Is an internet connection required?

    No. Just like Hearo RS, Hearo AT does not require an internet connection. There are two exceptions to this: If video cameras/doorbells are selected and approved for use or there is no cellular connectivity at the location Hearo will need to utilize an already established Wi-Fi connection.

  • Is there a new app?

    A new application is in development. For now the same applications from Hearo RS will be used for Hearo AT and users will be limited to a single location.

  • Will technical support differ from Hearo RS?

    The same amazing Hearo technical support team will be providing support for Hearo AT. The main difference is Hearo AT will have a 48 hour initial response time for support tickets. Of course we always make effort to tend to support requests as soon as possible.