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We’re all capable of more.

Hearo gives families and individuals confidence to see what’s possible.

Hearo safely increases independence.

The constant in-person presence of direct care staff can feel limiting. Hearo gives people space and confidence to grow.

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How Hearo Works

Hearo is a remote support system that works with care provider agencies to connect individuals to the local caregivers they already know and trust. The Hearo system integrates easily into an individual’s existing program and can be tailored to address the unique needs of their residence.


  • Flexible medication reminders
  • Realtime audio and video calls
  • Emergency buttons
  • Smart light notifications
  • Smoke alarm integration
  • Environmental settings
  • Sensors for motion, doors, windows, bed, cabinets and appliances
  • Mobile app for accessing calling circle and reminders from anywhere


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Stay in constant contact.

The Hearo Calling Circle lets family members, friends, and medical contacts engage in voice or video chats with the individual at any time.

See details of the day.

Family members and other approved contacts can view daily activity through the Hearo dashboard.

Take Hearo with you.

The Hearo Mobile App gives individuals access to the calling circle and reminder system from wherever they go.