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Hearo is here to help.

Maintain continuity-of-care and personal interaction every second of the day.

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We provide the tech. You provide the care.

As a care agency, you want to help as many people as possible. But limitations of time, staff and distance make it difficult to reach everyone who needs you. With Hearo, care agencies can support individuals and group residences remotely, without compromising personal attention.

One, complete system you control.
No third-party call centers, competing agencies or out-of-state support staff. The people who your clients know and love are the same people supporting them.

Customize Hearo to fit your individual care plans.

Add the features that fit your team and the people they support.


  • Flexible medication reminders
  • Realtime audio and video calls
  • Emergency buttons
  • Smart light notifications
  • Smoke alarm integration
  • Environmental settings
  • Sensors for motion, doors, windows, bed, cabinets and appliances
  • Mobile app for accessing calling circle and reminders from anywhere


Help staff do their best work.

With Hearo, one staff member can manage up to 24 clients in up to 8 homes, while maintaining continuity of care. And by helping them keep track of their client’s schedule, medications and dietary needs, Hearo reduces caregiver errors.


  • Secure, private and HIPAA compliant
  • Multiple power & battery backups
  • Expert installation and maintenance
  • Dedicated enterprise-grade cellular data connection including local WiFi support, if available.


How Hearo Works
How Hearo Works

Self-sufficient, but not alone.

Hearo is an invisible ally in helping individuals live confidently on their own. Discreet sensors and devices throughout the home promote 24-hour security and accountability, without inhibiting the resident’s sense of freedom.

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