Hearo ONE

If you love the personalized features of Hearo, but don’t need a full Hearo system: check out the Hearo ONE assistive technology device.

Whether you're a family member or remote supports provider, with Hearo ONE you are able to tap into the easy communication, clear reminders and customizeable actions of the Hearo system without having the full in-home remote supports setup.


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Hearo ONE offers:

Secure Communication


  • The individual's main contact for support is always visible, highlighted and easy to access.
  • Individuals can choose to do a voice-only call or video-enabled call.
  • Calls include live voice transcription if needed.


Medication and Daily Reminders


  • A list of the upcoming reminders are always visible.
  • Individuals receive a visual and audible notification when it's time for a reminder.
  • Medication reminders can be set to notify the individual multiple times until it is dismissed.
  • Reminder messages can include images or videos to help individuals with more complex tasks.


Calling Circle


  • A user can choose to include anyone in the individual's contact list.
  • Contacts are listed with pictures for easy identification and access.
  • Individuals can choose to do voice-only calls or video-enabled calls
  • Calls include live voice transcription if needed.


Event Actions


    • Hearo users can manage actions to be taken when an event occurs.
    • For example:

"When Shelly hasn’t taken her medication,
text mom."

"When Josh is feeling angry,
call Tim."


Remote Management via the Hearo Dashboard


  • Hearo users can manage reminders, contacts and actions remotely.
  • Users can view reminder confirmations and feelings logs remotely.
  • Users and contacts can initiate calls to the individual from the Hearo dashboard.


Hearo is a remote support system for the IDD community.
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