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Hearo is a remote support system designed for independence. By integrating security, reminders, notifications and environmental controls into a single hub, Hearo helps people living with disabilities live without full-time in-person supervision.

Hearo is a remote support system for the IDD community.
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Hearo founders Jim Carr and Myke Bates both have backgrounds in digital development. But it was their shared interest in using technology for the greater good that brought them together. Their vision to help people live more independently guides every decision we make at Hearo.

Jim Carr, Chief Executive Officer

Jim is one of those people who makes you feel instantly at ease. His genuine interest in understanding and connecting with people comes from 24 years of launching and leading companies in the industrial and technology spaces. At Hearo, Jim is not only our Chief Problem-Solver, but he also makes sure we stay true to our vision, by modeling sincere care for every person we serve.

Jim Carr
Myke Bates, Chief Technology Officer

Myke can figure it out. Anything. A born builder, Myke’s success as a software developer has been recognized with numerous awards and leadership roles within the tech community. He believes in a more just world—one where we all have equal chances and opportunities. Through Hearo, Myke is helping to level the playing field for all of us.

Myke Bates
Meet Our Team

Looking at our team’s experience and accomplishments, you’d think we only hire geniuses. Yes, they are incredibly gifted. But that isn’t why they work here. Everyone at Hearo believes that there is a better version of the world that we can create. Hearo is made to do good—and our team makes it possible.

How Hearo Works
How Hearo Works

Self-sufficient, but not alone.

Hearo is an invisible ally in helping individuals live confidently on their own. Discreet sensors and devices throughout the home promote 24-hour security and accountability, without inhibiting the resident’s sense of freedom.

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